We Know Consumer Goods

Retailers invest heavily to understand the consumer product, sales and service experience. mTAB supports NPS and verbatim rich survey programs by supporting the combined analysis of structured and unstructured survey results and by providing tools for the quantitative analysis of unstructured survey responses. Using mTAB, retailers conveniently explore unmet product opportunities, trend customer point of sale and shopping experiences, and pinpoint the factors underlying post-purchase support and service problems.

GAP, Inc.

The Challenge

  • Conducted a receipt Customer Experience Survey for numerous years
  • Surveys include data for all their brands including GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Factory Stores (Outlet)
  • Recently started conducting new surveys of respondents that DID NOT purchase, using the same basic CES questionnaire
  • In need of a software solution that could compare responses of Non-Purchasers vs Purchasers

mTAB’s Solution

  • mTAB’s Service Bureau solution was ideal for configuring the results of this new “Non-Purchaser” survey so that GAP analysts could compare the two studies side-by-side by simply selecting both studies and choosing their “drill down” questions.

The Results

  • Facilitates the seamless integration of a survey project’s data regardless of acquisition source (interview, phone, web and mail)
  • Combines results of open and closed ended questions for key business insight
  • Multi-brand research data can be housed in one single easy-to-access software
  • Analyzation of large, complex surveys totaling over 1 million respondents annually
  • Easily merged the new ‘Non-Purchaser’ survey into the software for easy and quick comparisons
  • Gained the ability to trend, compare and combine multi-brand and multi-purchaser responses