Industry Focus – Utility


We Know Utilities

With the responsibility for providing a world class customer service experience, utilities continually track and analyze customer satisfaction at every customer touch point. The J.D. Power syndicated research, provided with the mTAB survey analysis software, is an important industry barometer enabling individual utilities to identify how they compare to others within the industry. mTAB then takes the analysis further by enabling comparisons between the J.D. Power syndicated research and a utility’s own customer satisfaction tracking research, enabling consumer insight and market researchers to compare, combine and trend the results of past and present consumer and commercial research.


The Challenge

  • Utility industry researchers and analysts need to monitor customer experience at every customer touch point. Instantaneous ad-hoc access to decades of customer experience research results is required to address management and internal customer requests.
  • A wide variety of customer experience studies implies the involvement of multiple market research vendors, different data file formats and software packages, thereby complicating the comparison and trending of the research results.
  • Need to eliminate the current labor intensive and error-prone cut & paste steps required for comparing internal customer research results with the results of syndicated research such as the J.D. Power studies.

mTAB’s Solution

  • mTAB has been used by hundreds of customer satisfaction and marketing analysts with the utility vertical for more than 15 years.

    mTAB’s ability to easily combine, compare and trend multiple research project results regardless of the data format or market research provider makes mTAB and ideal solution for managing and analyzing the full array of a utility’s consumer research.

The Results

  • Easy and convenient 24/7 ad-hoc accessibility to decades of customer satisfaction tracking study results.
  • mTAB reduced management and internal customer ad-hoc response time from days to hours.
  • Any team member can now easily access and trend customer satisfaction tracking study results.
  • Ease-of-use encourages more usage and results in more key business insight.
  • Syndicated research such as J.D. Power can be directly compared to internal customer satisfaction tracking study results.